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5 Tips for Home Sellers with Pets

For you, a house isn’t home without your animal family members. But for potential buyers, lingering animal smells and fur can be a turn-off. Here are my best tips removing traces of pets for before a showing.

1. Holey backyard, Batman!

Does your dog bury more bones than they munch on? Start at the perimeter of your yard and circle inward to find your pup’s landscaping efforts and fill them in.

2. Scoop the poop

One misstep can ruin a buyer’s impression of your yard (and possibly home). Make sure your property is clear of any pet-related landmines.

3. Stash the evidence

Collect your pet’s toys, bowls, beds and litter boxes and keep them out of sight. Hide pet photos for now, too.

4. De-scents-itize

As an agent, it’s my job to help sniff out any animal scents you may have become accustomed to. I often recommend lighting candles, opening windows or hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew to deodorize a home.

5. Don’t leave pets home during showings

Not only is there a chance they may bolt through an open door that’s left open, there’s also a liability issue. It’s also a good idea to temporarily relocate exotic critters, such as snakes or tarantulas.

Looking for a home with a bigger yard for Fido, or a more naturally-lit lounging space for Fluffy? I can help you find properties with features all members of your family will love.