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Category: RE/MAX Humor

    Garza Home Vlog: Great Robot Service

    By Jesse Rene Garza | March 8, 2023

    Hey everyone, it’s Jesse and Rosa with The Garza Home Team at RE/MAX North San Antonio, and welcome to another exciting episode of Garza Home Vlog! Today, I’m going to talk about an incredible dining experience that I had at LA Crawfish, where a robot served our meal. Yes, you heard that right – a... Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: My Morning Espresso Experience

    By Jesse Rene Garza | March 2, 2023

    Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up feeling tired and your eyes are burning? That’s how I felt this morning, and I knew allergies were to blame. Normally, I rely on two double espresso shots to give me the boost I need, but today I made the mistake of drinking... Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: Family Time on Feb 25, 2023 – A Day Full of Surprises

    By Jesse Rene Garza | February 25, 2023

    Today started off with a couple of appointments being cancelled, one due to the buyer going under contract and the other being rescheduled because the buyer was called in to work. Despite the cancellations, we had some exciting news to celebrate as we had an offer accepted, which meant that they would be able to... Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: Showing Homes on a Cold Day

    By Jesse Rene Garza | February 14, 2023

    Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: Award Ceremony

    By Jesse Rene Garza | February 10, 2023

    Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: Doggie Adventure

    By Rosa Thelma Garza | January 30, 2023

    I’m Rosa, and in this episode of the Garza Home Vlog, I’ll share an amusing moment with our 9-year-old beagle. One day, our pup’s nail got caught on her collar, and Jesse was worried about her being in pain as we tried to remove the collar from her nail. Our daughter and I were checking... Read More

    Garza Home Vlog: Lost and Found

    By Jesse Rene Garza | January 26, 2023

    In this episode of the Garza Home Vlog, I recount an unexpected turn of events that happened to me and Rosa. I was putting away the trash can when I accidentally left the gate open, and all three of our dogs got out. To make things worse, our oldest beagle, who is nine years old,... Read More

    Family Time Jan 7 2023

    By Jesse Rene Garza | January 11, 2023

    When it comes to spending quality time with your family, it’s important to find activities that everyone can enjoy. Recently, my family and I embarked on a fun-filled adventure that took us from one end of San Antonio to the other. Our adventure started with a visit to BBQ Outfitters, where we browsed through their... Read More

    Family Time December 27 2022

    By Jesse Rene Garza | December 28, 2022

    Quick family meal at Ocho located at 1015 Navarro St then eating a quick treat at Amy’s Ice Cream located at 255 E. Basse Rd. Read More

    Six Flags Fiesta TX Holiday in the Park121022

    By Jesse Rene Garza | December 12, 2022

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I would 100% recommend Jesse Garza. He’s very polite, professional and he’s an unbelievably hard worker. Mr. Garza communicates wonderfully, and I could always trust that he was giving me his straight-forward opinion. We worked together for many months to find the right land for my home-building project. Jesse’s multifaceted expertise also parlayed into finding a custom home builder and lender to meet my specific requirements. Literally, he made the whole idea come into reality. I didn’t make hi…
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