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Garza Home Blog: Garza Home vs Trash Pick-Up

Hey, it’s Jesse from the Garza Home Team, and I have a funny tale to share with you today – a little something we like to call “Garza Home vs Trash Pick-Up.” But before we tell you more, here is a friendly reminder: update your automatic payments when you get a new debit card!

So, Rosa and I recently had a funny event that unfolded into a trash pick-up saga. Our trash collection day is usually Monday, but this time, it did not happen. No big deal, we thought, as we had just cleared our backyard over the weekend.

Tuesday and Wednesday rolled around, and we decided to take matters into our own hands. We asked our son to trim the branches, bag them up in five trash bags, and we were all set for the next pick-up day.

Today was the day of redemption – recycling and trash neatly placed outside, ready for collection. Recycling? Picked up without a hitch. Trash? Not so much.

In a moment of sheer determination, Rosa sprinted after the trash truck, while I fumbled to get my shoes on. She got three, then four houses away, but it was clear I would not catch up. Keys in hand, I hopped into the car and sped towards the scene.

As I approached, there was Rosa, walking back with a playful grin. “Guess what?” she said. Turns out, our debit card had been recently updated, and the automatic payment for trash pick-up did not go through because of the new year on the card.


Long story short, we ended up paying for trash pick-up for the entire year in one go.

Lesson learned: when you receive a new or updated debit card, do not forget to ensure all your automatic drafts are updated too.

Until next time, keep those automatic payments in check, and may your trash pick-up adventures be far less eventful than ours!

Robert Joseph Ott

Sales Manager & Creative Director, REALTOR®

Jesse Rene Garza


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We were recommended to Jesse and Rosa, Team Garza, from another military service member, and they told us about their commitment with the customers and their knowledge not just about the process to buy a house but builders, locations, materials and the best for our  benefits on the long run.  They were very professional and committed to us even when we were living overseas.  We will recommended Team Garza on the future to any of our family members and friends.  Gracias Team Garza!
Carlos Lara | San Antonio, TX