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Garza Home Vlog: Family Time on Feb 25, 2023 – A Day Full of Surprises

Today started off with a couple of appointments being cancelled, one due to the buyer going under contract and the other being rescheduled because the buyer was called in to work. Despite the cancellations, we had some exciting news to celebrate as we had an offer accepted, which meant that they would be able to enjoy some much-needed family time.

Before leaving, I needed to let all three dogs out to stretch their legs, and the oldest dog needed a little encouragement to step outside. As the dogs were outside, my family and I had a quick discussion on what we wanted to eat. We threw around a few options like Tacos West Avenue, Wing Stop, and Raising Canes, but ultimately, we decided to go with pizza from VIA 313.

While we were eating our delicious pizza, I made sure to be extra careful not to stain my shirt with any food. My family likes to tease me about how I always end up wearing my food, but this time, Rosa was the only one to get a stain from the pizza sauce. She didn’t want to show her stained shirt at first, but once we made it to our RE/MAX office, she finally convinced me to take a look and even snapped a picture.

We quickly dropped off some awards that I had been keeping in my trunk for almost a month at our RE/MAX office. Then, we were off to hunt for a book that our daughter had been searching for at Barnes & Noble. We had no luck finding it there, but we were able to find it at Half Price Books, along with a few other books and bookmarks that somehow found their way into our basket.

Unfortunately, we missed out on watching the movie “A Man Named Otto,” as the only available showing was 40 miles away. My son and I tried to convince Rosa and our daughter to watch another movie, but we weren’t able to change their minds.

Overall, despite a couple of cancelled appointments, we had a productive and enjoyable day as a family. From enjoying some delicious pizza to hunting for books and bookmarks, it was a day full of little adventures and surprises.

Jesse Rene Garza


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