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Skunked and Stuck: Real Estate vs. Skunk Stench Showdown

In the fast-paced world of San Antonio real estate, there are certain things you expect – late-night calls, endless emails, and the occasional unexpected hiccup. But nothing could have prepared Rosa or me for the day our two mischievous dogs, Cookie and Shadow, became unlikely heroes in the battle against skunk stench.

Yesterday morning at our home office, phones ringing off the hook, emails flooding in, and home listings going live, (thank you Robert). I was trying to keep up with the real estate frenzy, barely having time to enjoy my espresso shot when disaster struck.

Cookie and Shadow, our dynamic doggy duo, had ventured into the great outdoors (our backyard) for some early morning exploration. Little did they know, they were about to encounter the skunk of their nightmares.

With a swift flick of its tail, the skunk unleashed its noxious weapon, engulfing our unsuspecting heroes in a cloud of misery. Rosa and I can just imagine our dogs’ reactions – wide-eyed, tails tucked, and noses twitching as if they had just discovered the eighth wonder of the world.

Rosa and I rushed to the rescue, attempting to answer real estate emails and make phone calls amidst the chaos. But there was one problem: the skunk stench was no ordinary foe.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Armed with an arsenal of air fresheners and cleaning supplies, Rosa and I started on our epic mission to rid the house of the skunk scent. Every room became a battleground, with Rosa wielding a can of air freshener like a sword, determined to conquer the odorous enemy.

Meanwhile, my car, which had become a mobile skunk spa, required immediate attention. I valiantly scrubbed, sprayed, and scrubbed some more, all while juggling phone calls with bewildered clients on the line and when I could not scrub any longer I took my car the Wash Tub to get it professionally cleaned.

But the most daunting task of all awaited: the deep cleaning of Cookie and Shadow. The backyard turned into a makeshift doggy spa, complete with bubbles, doggy shampoo, and a garden hose. Our two puppies, initially bewildered by their unusual bath, soon embraced it, perhaps realizing that smelling like lavender was a far better fate than being skunked.

As the day wore on, Rosa and I battled on two fronts – real estate deals on one hand, and skunk stench on the other. It was a tale of multitasking heroics, with Rosa answering calls and text messages from clients and Robert who were none the wiser about the chaos unfolding in the background.

In the end, Cookie and Shadow emerged victorious, smelling as fresh as daisies, and the house and car were skunk-free once more. Rosa and I were shocked and bewildered, couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the day.

And so, in the wild world of San Antonio real estate, where surprises lurk around every corner, Cookie and Shadow’s skunk adventure became a legendary tale of resilience, multitasking, and the unable to be defeated spirit of real estate professionals.

Rosa and I hope you enjoyed our humorous blend of real estate and skunk adventures! If you have any more requests or questions related to real estate or any other topic, feel free to ask.

Rosa, Robert and I are here to help.

Also, a friendly reminder. Keep away from skunks.

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Rosa was awesome! She’s very knowledgeable about San Antonio and was diligent about getting us in the right neighborhood for us!
Debbie Masters | San Antonio