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Financial Documents Needed to Secure Home Loan



Provide your loan officer with the documentation below to begin the application process. Disregard the items that do not apply to you. Additional items may be required based on your loan application.




➢  Pay stubs covering a 30 day period

➢  W-2/1099 forms for the last 2 years

➢  Tax Returns for the last 2 years (all pages and schedules) Loan officer will determine if these are needed.

➢  Most recent Awards letter for any fixed sources of income to reflect current monthly income (VA Benefits, SSI, Retirement, Annuity, etc. Include all pages to the statement)




➢  Two most recent bank statements, Investment and or 401K statements: all pages even if they are blank. Your name with full account numbers and bank name must be printed on the statement to be accepted by underwriting. Be prepared to document all deposits other than your income.

➢  After your Earnest Money deposit clears please provide the bank statement or transaction statement that shows the deposit clearing your account. The statement must identify the owner of the account, the bank name and beginning and ending balance.


Miscellaneous Information


➢  Divorce: All pages of final signed Divorce Decree

➢  If Paying Child Support: All pages of the final divorce decree or most recent Court Order reflect most recent amount due.

➢  If active duty military – PCS orders if they apply

➢  DD214, Form 4 if utilizing VA financing and no longer active duty

➢  Statement of Service if utilizing VA financing and active duty

➢  Copy of unexpired driver’s license and green card if applicable

➢  Signed and completed 4506T (Name and address must match IRS filed returns)

➢  Signed Borrowers Authorization

➢  Provide the name and phone number of the insurance agent that you will be using for Homeowner’s Insurance.

➢  Speak to your loan officer about what is needed in the event of recent bank overdrafts, recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, short-sale, gifted funds or unpaid judgments.

Feel free to contact our team if you have any further questions.

We are looking forward to working with you and your family in the near future