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5 Essential Security Tips to Safeguard Your Home and Family


Protecting your home and family is of utmost importance for any homeowner. While there are various security measures that you can take to safeguard your home, it’s always a good idea to review and update your security plans regularly. In this blog post, we’ll share five security tips that you can use to make your home safer.

  1. Install a Security System Investing in a home security system is an effective way to protect your home. A modern security system can come with various features such as motion sensors, security cameras, and alarms that can alert you or the authorities in case of any intrusion.

  2. Use Smart Locks Traditional locks are often easy to pick, and keys can be lost or stolen. Smart locks, on the other hand, use advanced technology to secure your home. You can use your smartphone to lock or unlock your doors and even give temporary access to visitors or service providers.

  3. Secure Your Windows Windows are often the weakest point of entry for burglars. Make sure to install locks on all windows and reinforce them with shatterproof glass. You can also use window sensors that can trigger an alarm if someone tries to force them open.

  4. Improve Lighting Good lighting can be a deterrent to potential burglars. Make sure to keep your home well-lit, especially around entry points like doors and windows. You can also use motion-activated lights that turn on when someone approaches your property.

  5. Upgrade Door Strike Plates One security measure that many homeowners overlook is door strike plates. Standard strike plates are usually secured with screws that are only half an inch long. This makes them vulnerable to being kicked out by burglars. Instead, replace them with 4-inch screws that go through the door frame and into the framing of your home. This will make it much more difficult for anyone to force their way in.

Improving your home security is an ongoing process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these tips, you can make your home safer and enjoy greater peace of mind. If you want to learn more about home security or need help with buying or selling a home, contact The Garza Home Team at RE/MAX North San Antonio. And remember, replacing door strike plates with longer screws is a small but significant step you can take to improve your home’s security.

Jesse Rene Garza