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    Steps to success for selling

    Marketing Plan for Your Listing

    Pricing Strategy
    For Sale Sign
    Listing Sign Riders (text message) MLS
    Professional pictures
    Social Media

    Showing Home

    30 minutes notice

    1 hours notice


    Tips for showing Your Home

    Clean every room/De-clutter
    Turn on ALL Lights
    Open All Drapes, Shades and Blinds
    Turn on Air Conditioner or Light Fireplace
    Turn TV/Radio OFF
    Take Pets for a Walk
    Maintain a Low Profile
    Clean Closets
    Clean and Repair Entrance
    Organize Attic and Garage
    Buyers feel more comfortable when you are not around


    When an OFFER is Made

    Present All Offers
    Explain Your Options Evaluate Buyer’s Qualification Deliver Contract
    Finalize All Conditions


    Option Check

    Pick up at Title Company Title Company or Mail


    Thank you and we look forward to working with you