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5 Tips for Home Sellers with Pets

As a real estate agent with The Garza Home Team at RE/MAX North San Antonio, I understand how important your furry friends are to you. They’re not just pets; they’re cherished members of your family. However, when it comes to showcasing your home to potential buyers, it’s essential to ensure that pet-related odors and traces are minimized to make the best impression. Here are my top tips for removing traces of pets before a showing:

1. Holey Backyard, Batman!

Is your dog an enthusiastic landscaper, burying more bones than they munch on? Take a stroll around your yard, starting from the perimeter and working inward. Look for any signs of digging or landscaping efforts by your furry friend. Fill in any holes to create a clean and well-maintained outdoor space.

2. Scoop the Poop

One misstep can ruin a potential buyer’s impression of your home. Make sure your yard is clear of any pet-related landmines by regularly scooping up pet waste. A tidy yard portrays a sense of cleanliness and care, enhancing the overall appeal of your property.

3. Stash the Evidence

Before a showing, gather your pet’s toys, bowls, beds, and litter boxes, and keep them out of sight. Store these items in a designated area that won’t be accessed by potential buyers. Additionally, consider temporarily hiding any pet photos to allow buyers to envision themselves in the space.

4. De-Scents-itize

As an experienced agent, it’s my job to help identify any lingering animal scents that you may have become accustomed to. To neutralize odors, consider lighting scented candles, opening windows to let in fresh air, or hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew to deep clean and deodorize your home.

5. Don’t Leave Pets Home During Showings

While it may seem convenient to leave your pets at home during showings, it’s not advisable. There’s a risk that they may escape through an open door, leading to safety concerns and potential liability issues. Consider temporarily relocating exotic pets, such as snakes or tarantulas, to ensure a stress-free showing experience for both buyers and pets.

Are you searching for a new home that meets the needs of your entire family, including your beloved pets? Look no further! Whether you’re in need of a larger yard for Fido to roam or a cozy corner for Fluffy to curl up in, I’m here to help you find the perfect property that caters to every member of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I leave my pets at home during showings?

It’s best to relocate your pets temporarily during showings to prevent any accidents or disruptions.

2. How can I minimize pet odors in my home?

Consider using air purifiers, deodorizing sprays, and professional cleaning services to eliminate pet odors before showings.

3. What should I do with exotic pets during showings?

Exotic pets, such as snakes or tarantulas, should be securely housed or temporarily relocated to ensure the safety and comfort of potential buyers.

4. Are there specific features to look for in a pet-friendly home?

Look for properties with fenced yards, pet-friendly flooring, and proximity to parks or walking trails for optimal pet enjoyment.

5. How can I ensure my pets’ safety during the home-selling process?

Keep your pets secure in a designated area or consider boarding them during open houses and showings to prevent any accidents or escapes.

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